With over 80 years of experience, Mall Tailoring & Seamstress is one of
Wellington's foremost experts in garment alterations.

If your favourite clothes don't fit, need restyling, resizing, remodelling, altering or repairing our highly qualified, experienced team will work on your garment until it fits you perfectly. We are recognised for our meticulous attention to detail, reasonable prices and our warm, outstanding customer service.

Alterations and Repairs

At Mall Tailoring & Seamstress our highly experienced seamstresses understand that different fabrics such as delicate silks, sequin, intricate lace, denim, leather and fur, require different alteration techniques. We can perform most types of restyling, resizing, remodelling or repair to the garments we alter. We are committed to making our customers look their very best, giving honest advice with an expert understanding of garment design. Our expertise comes from the fact that all our seamstresses are qualified dressmakers which gives them the advantage of understanding fashion and garment construction.

Measurement Service

We offer a personal full measurement service. This is to assist you with getting the correct sizes when ordering garments online or for other fitting purposes. This service is very popular with bridal parties and business professionals. If your garment arrives and needs further alterations we are here to assist you with them.